- Ability to clear cache for current view (for all zoomlevels). OSM changes frequently...

Author: Poldy, 06.01.2011, 20:12

In other words (another user's idea)

Ability to refresh tiles

Maps in some parts of the world are continuously changing due to e.g. road construction, and e.g. OpenStreetMap includes these changes pretty fast. However Galileo seems to cache tiles only once, and never check whether they have changed. To re-load a certain tile, one would probably have to remove the whole cache for a certain map source, which would lose a lot of previously cached data.

Author: cristi, 18.10.2012, 09:40

Openstreetmap is always updating maps, but Galileo does not update the new information

I have updated some streets around my area, but Galileo does not update these tiles when I am next online.
Having a button to update a certain area tiles would be ideal to address this problem.

Thank you

Author: Telmo, 19.01.2011, 12:40
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 07.01.2013
We are happy to inform you that this feature is available since v2.4. Go to Settings > Cache Info and enable the "Map Refresh" option to set how often to reload map tiles.


Gracye, 05.10.2011, 00:05
The comment was deleted by the administrator

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