- Use '+' and '-' buttons to go through zoom levels. SHOW the current zoom level.

The free Android app OruxMaps beats this hands down. Galileo needs "+" and "-" buttons for going through the different zoom levels, and we really need to SEE the current zoom level. Pinch-zoom feels worse here than "steps".

If there's no tiles for a certain zoom level, don't show a scary empty grid - I thought there was something wrong with my custom map. Just show the nearest level tiles but scaled whichever way is appropriate.

For some reason, the map looked smudgy on my iPhone 4. Is there some kind of resolution problem?

We need the ability to save and load waypoints, or points of interest.

Oh, and nice trick there. You give us the app for free, but make us pay for having it _serve its intended purpose_.

Author: kukulusiini, 22.01.2011, 15:58

In other words (another user's idea)

Please implement the two-finger-tap to zoom out, just like in google maps.

Because the intermediate zoom levels are quite ugly.

Author: Sldx, 15.04.2012, 16:29
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 08.05.2012
Please check the new version 2.1.2 - the two-finger-tap to zoom out is now implemented.


mayor, 12.07.2011, 09:05
Disagree about + and - buttons. Waste of real estate - especially on the iphone version. This may be necessary on some cheaper android devices, but the touch screens on ios devices make this unnecessary.

I think quite difficult/costly/timely to decide what to do if you haven't got a tile for a specific zoom level. Make sure your maps are correct before importing them.

Waypoints would be good.

Disagree completely about last point. I think you get exactly what you paid for. The ability to create your own cache without the need to pay for the atlas creation tool works perfectly - just make sure you play around at all the zoom levels you want.

Excellent app.
xadi, 12.04.2012, 10:33
What about:
one tap = zoom in, double tap=zoom out ?
It would be very useful.

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