- Since last Update GPS on Iphone4 is always ON even if App is closed, so I have to disable location-based services....

Author: Herbert, 24.03.2011, 18:11
Idea status: completed


pidgey, 25.03.2011, 07:17
same problem here on iphone 3gs, the gps icon stays up even if i close the application from the task bar, and not only that, it stays on even if i switch off and on the iphone.
Marcus, 19.04.2012, 00:47
It might be something else, if the app is shut off (ie not showing in the "open apps" you get if double clicking the home button). I upgraded to 5.1 now and saw, compared to 4.3.3 a drastically increased use of location services. Now, weather and clock use location service, which I'm pretty sure they didn't do before. Not saying it is, but it might be.

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