- the custom map delete seems not work well.

Author: albert, 28.04.2011, 17:34
Idea status: completed


Jim, 27.07.2011, 01:57
I can't delete custom map either. The deleted custom map is still there after I reopen Galileo.

Is there any other way to delete the custom map?
molind, 27.07.2011, 06:54
please describe what do you do. and when offline map is stay. i can't reproduce this bug yet. i'm waiting your email at info@galileo-app.com
Thomas, 12.09.2011, 08:54
Same for me
When I delete the map on iphone, then sync with iTunes, the map appeared again on the phone after sync. I have to delete the map only after deleting whole app!
Thomas, 17.09.2011, 11:23
For your information, this happens if I delete more than 1 map from iphone

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