- use a GNS 5870 (Ipad compatible) GPS receiver - but it doesn't work on the map! Why?

I have connected a GNS 5870 device via bluetooth to the Ipad, and it does receive signal on the ipad. On other map applications, I am able to use the GPS signal to show position on the map. However, with Galileo it does not work. The GPS signal seems to be not received as there is no position shown. Is this a bug with the GNS 5870 or with Galileo - and more important, how can I get the GPS position shown on the map?

Author: Chris, 24.05.2011, 22:10
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Response from the site administrator

molind, 27.10.2011
It's confirmed by our users that Galileo works with GNS 5870 and probably another external GPS receivers.


Simmen, 02.09.2011, 04:02
That is because , the App dosent have this capabilitiy , I got this App for the same purpose but was very disappointed when I found this out , what is the use of a map , when you don't know where you are , and can't track your position. This is the reason I got different apps , with off-line maps , much simpler to get the maps stored offline from within the App it self and real time positioning and tracking with way points etc.
molind, 02.09.2011, 06:30
I don't have GNS 5870, so i can't test how it works myself. But your help could be very useful. Please try to shutdown Galileo, then connect GNS 5870 to your iPad, and after that launch Galileo again. It should work with GPS data from GNS 5870. My guess is correct?

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