- somebody know how can backup the waypoints???? I need to reset my phone T_T

need back-up waypoint menu...

Author: ky, 19.07.2011, 02:47

In other words (another user's idea)


How to delete bookmark

Author: RT0314, 27.07.2011, 03:44

pls let me know how backup BOOKMARK when I need iphon back to factory out condition.

Author: ludic, 21.07.2011, 01:23
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 10.04.2012
Hi, your bookmarks are syncing with iCloud or with iTunes backup.

Now you can also export them in KML format for further use - please check out the new version 2.1.

Read more about new version: http://galileo-app.com/blog/v2.1-release-notes.html


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