- Have folders within both 'bookmarks' and 'offline maps'.

This then allows you to keep bookmarks/maps from same country together in same location. Also, like the 'bookmarks' feature, allow the offline maps to be sorted alphabetically or recent. Despite needing some modifications, I think this app is probably the best I've ever used, its fantastic! Well done!

Author: Neil, 13.08.2011, 21:53
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 10.04.2012
Please check out the new version 2.1 of Galileo Offline Maps. Now it possible to organize/sort your map data with collections (like folders on computer).

read more about new version: http://galileo-app.com/blog/v2.1-release-notes.html


Millie, 04.10.2011, 14:41
Wowza, problem solved like it never happeend.

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