- Edit or add my own map sources, exactly the way MOBAC allow us to do.

In MOBAC it is possible to add or edit sources by editing a xml file. It would be nice to have simlar feature on-board of Galileo.

Author: Adi Corrales, 02.09.2011, 01:12
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 07.01.2013
We are happy to inform you that you can add custom online map sources via XML files (the same as in MOBAC) since v2.4.

There are several ways to add custom online map source to the app. You can:
* Place the XML file in the app shared folder in iTunes.
* Open the XML file attached in Email on your iOS device using the "Open in Galileo" option.
* Open the XML file from Dropbox on your iOS device using the "Open in.." option.


Rod, 09.09.2011, 13:48
It would be likely that Apple would NOT approve this as it will allow users to put Google Maps as a map source....however if google map sources are blocked within the code.....
Yulia, 07.06.2012, 15:07
Please read more about how to create offline map from custom map source (like GoogleMap) using Mobile Atlas Creator program here - http://galileo-app.com/blog/custom-map-sources.htm
pym, 20.08.2012, 12:05
Custom maps with MOBAC are great but it would be much powerfull to be able to add a new map source directly to Galileo.
Yulia, 20.08.2012, 12:34
@pym, thank you for your idea, we'll consider the possibility of adding such function.
Yulia, 07.01.2013, 19:59
@pym hi, feel free to update to version 2.4 to add your custom online map sources via XML files.

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