- Why only zoom up to level 17 after update to 2.0

In previous version, I can zoom all level (i.e. level 19), why in version 2.0, the max. zoom level limited to 17. I want it back.....

Author: Cloud, 15.09.2011, 13:58
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Response from the site administrator

molind, 19.09.2011
It was broken since last update. Soon I'll release version 2.0.1 which will contain fixes for all found bugs.

Planned release date is 1 october. If Apple help us with expedited review - it will be released one week before at 23-26 september.

I'm doing my best to release it ASAP.


John, 19.09.2011, 07:13
I met this problem too.
I am so disappoint about this update.
Please fix it ASAP.
I will visit other country soon.......
John, 19.09.2011, 07:35
dear developer, can you please provide the releasing schedule???
It's really a critical bug and absolutely urgent for me.
please help!!
John, 26.09.2011, 02:46
Dear developer,
So, the update is now under approving by Apple right?
molind, 26.09.2011, 06:14
Koba, 27.09.2011, 16:41
Dear developer
After ver.2.0 I can not use also Galileo GPS at outside. When connect Wi-Fi, GPS is available, but when disconnect it can not search even if same place. Previous version had no problem.
molind, 28.09.2011, 18:11
that's strange. could you describe your problem in details and send me email to info@galileo-app.com

earlier and now text search didn't work offline. only search by coordinates works always.
Eric, 28.09.2011, 18:06
After update to ver 2.0.1 ,the zoom level can reach to 18 by offline map. Thanks for the fix.
But level 19 is still not seen. That is,
Before ver 2.0 , I can see zoom level 0 to 19.
In ver 2.0 , I see zoom level 0 to 17.
In ver 2.0.1 , I can see zoom level 0 to 18 .
Hope in next version, zoom level 19 can be seen again!
molind, 28.09.2011, 18:09
online sources don't support levels more than 18. but in offline maps Galileo read info from Mobile Atlas Creator (info table in map file) about available layers and if there will be layers from 15 to 23 - they all will be available in Galileo.

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