- the ability to give categorize bookmarks (e.g. with color just like calendars in iCal)

Please add the ability to give bookmarks different colors according to a predefined category (e.g. red = Leisure).

Also, a short display of a bookmark on the map would be useful, without requiring a tap on the bookmark to view it.

Author: Camros, 16.09.2011, 19:32
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 10.04.2012
Please check out the new version 2.1 of Galileo Offline Maps. Now you can assign POI’s categories to bookmarks. Twelve predefined categories are now available within the app: Residence, Food & Drink, Car Services, Health, Shop, Bank, Entertainment, Culture, Education, Police, Sport and Other.

Read more about new version here: http://galileo-app.com/blog/v2.1-release-notes.html


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