- 2.0.1 offline map selection prevents application from launching

In 2.0.1, if you have an offline map selected the application will not launch (endless spin).

to replicate: load an offline map, launch application, select offline map, close application (quit completely), try to launch application again (endless spin)

to avoid: select an online map before closing the application (quiting completely)

to fix (first launch quits, second launch works): revert to a 'clean install'/working Settings.archive (to get a clan one: backup app, offline maps, and system.db; delete app from iPhone; reload app onto iphone) or change whatever setting in the file that indicates the selected map

Author: tinkerer, 03.10.2011, 04:32
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

molind, 03.10.2011
I checked this bug as you describe, but it works for me. Seems it's something unique in your offline map file. Could you send me this file to info@galileo-app.com? Feel free to use file hosting service or any appropriate way.


tinkerer, 03.10.2011, 06:49
Sample up on:


My guess is something to do with min/max zoom /metadata checks, as I was just specifying a tiles table (in which case my bad, I will make the appropriate changes on my end).
molind, 03.10.2011, 07:36
Yes, you're right. I made this check optional. So future version will work with offline maps with optional, not required info table.

To fix this issue before new version you should add table info in your map db.
CREATE TABLE info(minzoom,maxzoom);
minzoom = 17 - actual minzoom
maxzoom = 17 - actual maxzoom (this is not my decision, this is the way how RMaps store tiles)
example for map with levels from 5 to 19
minzoom = -2
maxzoom = 12

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