- From the 'more features' menu, I cannot seem to retrieve the online data in order to purchase the 'Import Maps from PC' in-app. Any suggestions?

I'd like to purchase the 'import maps from PC' in-app, however when I hit the 'more features' button the page goes blank except for the message 'retrieving online data, please wait'. I've given enough time to retrieve the data but nothing happens. Is there another way I could get the in-app?

Author: Ronald Spelz, 20.10.2011, 20:55
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Response from the site administrator

molind, 21.10.2011
There is 2 possible reasons.
1. Apple serves is under maintenance. In-app purchases should appear shortly.
2. Your iOS device not connected to the internet.
Check both of them. Hope it helps.


yl2227, 05.01.2012, 10:51
I am having the same problem. I had left it run for 1 hour.
I had tried using Wifi and 3G with the same results. It will only show " Retrieving online data please wait".
I am using iPhone 4S with iOS 5.0.1
molind, 05.01.2012, 11:16
Go to the Settings icon, tap on General, then tap on Restrictions. Make sure the "In-App Purchases" option is set to ON. Once you've set that correctly you should be able to make purchases.

yl2227, 07.01.2012, 04:45
I had never set any restriction. The "In-App Purchases" option is set to ON.
I had tried it on 2 different iPhone with the same results.

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