- Double tap moves position way out of area

I have an offline map that goes to zoom-level 16. I use double tap to zoom in on an area and this works fine. If I zoom beyond this zoom level and keep double tapping, the position shifts way out of this area. If I for instance zoom in on London, I end up somewhere in Russia.

Author: Duvel, 14.11.2011, 20:52
Idea status: completed


molind, 15.11.2011, 13:45
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Duvel, 15.11.2011, 21:34
The way I can reproduce it, is by continuously double tapping the same area. When the zoom level goes one or more steps beyond the highest possible zoom level, is seems to happen. This also happened when I selected OpenStreetMap as a map-source.
molind, 16.11.2011, 06:10
fixed. will be included in nearest bug fix release.

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