- GPS tracking or recording not working when I open the app while not connected to a network.

I got the app in my iPod and bought the All-in-One Feature Pack. I have the iPod paired with an external GPS and it does work when Galileo opens up as long as I'm connected to a wireless connection and it allows it to register with the server.
I did notice that when I'm not connected to a network (every time I go out from home) and I open Galileo I get "Error registering with server" and it does not pick up my GPS location. Is there a way to keep the application registered without the need to verify that with the server each time I open the app?


Author: Gabriel V., 23.12.2011, 00:29
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

molind, 10.01.2012
This message comes from our Push notification server it doesn't related to GPS data at all. Please write us email to info@galileo-app.com. With your feedback we'll add support for your external GPS receiver.


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