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I purchased "import maps from pc","Bookmarks" and "GPS Track Recording".
So I want to know how to handle "GPS track recording"
Where is the "manual?
Thank you.

Author: CheeWoon, 17.01.2012, 06:53
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Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 27.07.2012
Take a minute to check out the app user manual covering all aspects of using the Galileo Offline Maps - http://galileo-app.com/help.html


Yulia, 19.01.2012, 13:40
and thank you for choosing Galileo Offline Maps iPhone app and we trust that you will enjoy using it.

The way the "GPS Track Recording" feature works is very simple: tap the red record button at the top right of the main screen to start recording your movement.

Once you start recording - track line will be displayed on the map showing your path.

Tap it again to stop track recording and view detailed statistics in Settings -> Tracks menu:
* duration - total trip elapsed time
* distance - total distance
* avg. speed - average speed while recording the track
* max. speed - maximum speed on c tracks

You can also export your recorded GPS tracks to KML, GPX, CSV common formats and share them with someone via email.

Note: It’s possible to record track in background mode (if supported by firmware) and while screen is lock

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