- Can't un-focus a bookmark

If a bookmark is touched, it will display the name of it. It can block a large part of the screen if the name is long, and the only way to get rid of it is touching another bookmark.

Perhaps touching it again should remove the textbox?

Author: Marcus, 24.01.2012, 06:55
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

molind, 25.01.2012
Just tap on the map pin again. It will disappear. If it doesn't - please send exported bookmark + screenshot to info@galileo-app.com. I'll check what wrong with it.


Marcus, 26.01.2012, 03:08
Yeah, that was silly... Now I'm a little bit ashamed :) As much as I've been using Galileo, strange that I've never tried that! Maybe I just remembered that it wasn't possible (in error) and never tried it.. You live and learn...


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