- Add date to CSV GPS track

In CSV exported GPS track, there is no date specified, only time of day. I suggest adding date as well, either for all data points or only the start (and end?) point (could then be in the header).

I also suggest it is in the non-ambiguous format like this (four numbers for year, letters for month, year-month-day)
2012 jan 09
and why not also day of the week and perhaps time zone if easily found?


Author: Marcus, 24.01.2012, 07:20
Idea status: completed


molind, 25.01.2012, 06:19
I think it's possible to add any information into csv file, but date information is usually the same for all records. May be i could add first line comment to csv file with all information about this track.
As example:
#Track name, start time-date, avg speed, max speed, duration.

What do you think?
Marcus, 26.01.2012, 03:15
Sounds great! Including track name and date would be super!

If possible, add some metric on how uncertain the position of each point is? That way it makes it easier to later fiddle around with algorithms for correcting them/interpolate. So something like:


Marcus, 19.04.2012, 00:51
Hi, was a little disappointed to seeing that this small thing, which would be such an improvement didn't make it in the latest version. In fact, it got a bit worse since you replaced the message body of the email created when exporting. Now, if I email myself an csv a few days later I can't from the email or the file know at what day it was recorded. Can you please re-instate that small thing, or better, include it in the csv?

(and the new version looks really nice!! well done!)

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