- Be able to make the text larger.

Some of us are struggling to read the text,so it would be nice to set a text size minimum,or be able to have a magnifying glass that could be invoked and moved across the relevant area.

Author: Bob, 28.02.2012, 19:25
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 15.11.2013
Hey, update the app to the latest version 3.0 and enjoy vector maps with font size setting.
It's easy to change the default size for labels on map from medium to small or large, depending on your preference.
Readable and larger texts on map are extremely useful while driving and for people with low vision.


garylapointe, 24.10.2012, 20:08
While the text is probably in the graphic tiles and can't be adjusted. A magnifying glass, implemented by the Galileo team could show the above (larger) level of the map.

Or if I zoom in past what's possible, just make the pixels take more space (like you do when live and I zoom in, but you haven't got the new tiles yet)...

Or some feature to tap to quad pixel everything, taking away our "retina" option. It's just too small to read sometimes. Even with my glasses when out in the sun.

Yulia, 25.10.2012, 08:46
Gary, thank you for cooperation!
mutatron, 03.01.2013, 01:59
Came here to ask for this! Too many apps don't have large text support. Tellingly, Apple Maps has it while Google Maps does not. As an older software developer, my work is always legible, it's not that hard.

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