- I purchased the all-in-one features pack a couple of months ago for my iPad 2, but have since changed my apple ID.

I've been using the app on my iPad 2 and purchased the all-in-one features pack. I've recently acquired an iPhone 4S, and would like to activate this feature as well. However, I changed by apple ID in between my purchase of the iPad 2 and getting the iPhone 4S.

Will I get charged again if I upgrade to the all-in-one features pack in my iPhone (using my new apple ID)?

Author: Jon Judan, 02.03.2012, 07:53
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 02.03.2012
In-App Purchases in Galileo Offline Maps are items that only require you to purchase them once, and can be transferred to multiple devices authorized with the same iTunes Store account.  So it's no way to restore "All-in-One Pack" on another device with another Apple ID for free.


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