- Cannot find my offline map. (lost center of map)

First off I LOVE the improvements you guys have made to the app, I am glad to see you guys continuing your work!

If you scale beyond the area viewable by your offline map then it can become very easy to lose the center of your map and I accidentally swiped away when trying to zoom back in and lost the center of my map. The only way I was able to find it again was by searching for coordinates I knew to be located on my map then zoom back in on that pin. (I doubt most people would be able to figure this out much less know any sort of coordinate information), Perhaps adding a border or icon for the map once zoomed out really far, or a center of map bookmark?

Also, when you click off a bookmark it should probably close the info box instead of only by tapping it. (just a suggestion)

Author: Mark Shelton, 11.04.2012, 23:45
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 20.01.2013
Thanks for your kind words, they encourage us to work hardly to improve the app!

We are glad to inform you that new version 2.4.1 introduces a new easy way to jump to map for offline area — just tap the green arrow pointing in the direction of an offline map and app immediately shifts to it.
Hope you will like it!


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