- Brilliant, brilliant app. I am hiking in spain and just wondering if i download 2.1 is there any risk to my existing caches

Author: Frank, 12.04.2012, 19:37
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 13.04.2012
Hi, thanks for choosing Galileo Offline Maps app and we hope you'll enjoy the new version!

Please update to version 2.1 without fear of losing your cached maps.


Marcus, 19.04.2012, 01:11
Agree, it worked for me. Although I would say that if you are still on 4.x ios then wait with updating until you also update to ios 5.x. I updated to 2.1 and there were still quirks such as a couple of crashes and a sudden stop of a recording track for no reason. I updated to ios 5.1 and it works really nice now. I especially like the accuracy threshold which removes a lot of the track jumping around when there is no good gpsfix!

And I agree too, brilliant app!!

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