- More poi types please

The range of POI types is quite limited. I propose new types like
Transportation (eg airports, subways, bus stops etc)

It's a fine line, too many is not good but I think the addition of Sightseeing and Transportation are the most important ones.

Perhaps user defined types as well? For icon, the user can pick one of the existing ones.
Perhaps also types for tracks? Then I can tag a track such as hike, biking, car, bus and with user defined types I can then classify my tracks according to what bike I was using then etc, such as "Scott mtb" or whatever.

I googled a little on "poi types" and "categories" and saw a few attempts at standardization that can work as inspiration, such as this collection (raw copy/paste):

0=Aerial Activities, a.bmp, AERIAL
1=Boats & Canoes, a.bmp, BOATING
2=Camps, a.bmp, CAMPS
3=Casinos & Resorts, a.bmp, RESORT
4=Education, a.bmp, DEFAULT
5=Entertainment, a.bmp, DEFAULT
6=Fishing, a.bmp, HUNT_FISH
7=Gas Stations, a.bmp, FUEL
8=Golf Courses, a.bmp, GOLF_COURSES
9=Government, a.bmp, DEFAULT
10=Historical & Museums, a.bmp, MUSEUM
11=Hotels, a.bmp, HOTEL
12=Medical, a.bmp, FIRST_AID
13=Municipal, a.bmp, DEFAULT
14=Recreation/Amusement Par, a.bmp, AMUSEMENT
15=Shopping, a.bmp, LOCALE
16=Sports Stadiums, a.bmp, SPORTS_ARENA
17=Tourist Attractions, a.bmp, TOURIST
18=Transportation, a.bmp, TRUCK_SERVICES
19=Zoos & Aquariums, a.bmp, ZOOS

Author: Marcus, 19.04.2012, 01:04

In other words (another user's idea)

Better categorization functionality / documentation.

For example—switching between google maps and galileo via kml doesn't seems to wipe clean the categories. It would be great to be able to create custom categories as well.

This is one of the strongest feature of this app over others for me as it allows me to see all of my bookmarks and browser for restaurants, venues, shops, etc which are near my location without having to click on them. Love to see this feature extended.

Author: Eli Horn, 03.06.2012, 11:53

Have Hotel as one of the categories. Thanks.

Author: Tim Reisinger , 17.05.2012, 00:43

more colors for general (other) bookmarks?

I like the extra categories that can change the look of a bookmark on a map, but could you also add the "other" category star-style pin in many other colors, then I could assign different colors to different items even if they don't fit on the current list.

Author: ben, 02.05.2012, 12:36
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 21.04.2012
Marcus, thank you for the continuous supply of great ideas and suggestions for the Galileo Offline Maps iOS app. We truly appreciate it!

Surely we will work on improving and extending the range of bookmark's categories, it was just a 'pilot' experiment to hear back from our users.


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