- Add posibility to swich between "level zoom" an "digital zoom".

Very often there is need to read very small letters or signs on map. Digital zoom (without level change) would help visually impaired people

Author: Wojtek, 18.01.2013, 22:14

In other words (another user's idea)

add "digital zoom"

Due to the high resolution of the iphone screen,. maps created for desktop use become almost unreadable on an iphone. It would be very useful to add an option to define a "digital zoom" in %. For example 200% will magnify the maps by two. See for example Orux Maps, Option Default Zoom, up to 300% (Android), a description can be found here:

Author: Flavio hendry, 20.09.2013, 08:57
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 09.12.2013
New vector maps allow to view large labels on maps. Now it's easy to change the default size for labels on maps from medium to small or large, depending on your preference.
Readable, larger text on maps is extremely useful while driving and for people with poor vision. Read more: http://galileo-app.com/


wcr2000, 23.01.2013, 12:14
Good idea. Something like magnifying glass.

Regards Jacob.

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