- add way to store/retrieve waypoints and tracks.

Being able to display user-generated data on top of downloaded apps would make this more useful for planning and navigating.

Author: Lee, 07.10.2010, 03:23
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 11.04.2012
Please check out the new version 2.1 of Galileo Offline Maps. Now it possible to import previously created KML files with both bookmarks and routes from web link, dropbox or email into the app even in free version.

Read more about new release here: http://galileo-app.com/blog/v2.1-release-notes.html


Vince, 18.10.2010, 17:08
Adding standard gpx tracks would be ideal for making Galileo the perfect hiking tool. You can download thousands of great walks in gpx form so with Galileo's offline capabilities, you'd be set. Supporting kml linestrings would be nice as well, but gpx is the most important.
Lucian, 25.03.2011, 09:35
I like also KML format to import/export from/to Google Earth
Konrad, 03.05.2011, 09:55
When will 2.0 or an update with any possibility to display a track/route on top will be released?

I would pay for this extra feature!
Yulia, 19.02.2012, 06:13
The comment was deleted by the administrator

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