- Sync with Google Maps account with the original Place Marks Icons

To be able to synchronize the maps from Gmaps account, downloading all place marks, with it's original icon, and also be able to upload new place marks created on the Galileo App directly to the Gmaps account. These uploads need to transfer the notes and pictures from the place and the specific icon too.

Author: Leo Hauschild, 22.03.2013, 17:51
Idea status: scheduled

Response from the site administrator

Yulia, 30.04.2013
Hi Leo, thank you for sharing your idea! We will investigate and decide whether to implement the GMaps synchronization and how it linked with iCloud sync we wish to implement too.


Mapaholic, 10.08.2013, 22:51
Please implement this feature! It seems so obvious I just don't understand why Google don't do it. My Google maps sync with Google Earth but not with the google maps app on my iphone, it's madness. If I'm planning a holiday I want to be able to create a map on my desktop and then sync it with my iphone and then whilst on holiday update it and have that back synced to my google maps. Sure I can do this using Safari but that means data whichis out of the question if abroad.if Galileo could sync with my Google maps and give me offline maps then that's exactly what I have been looking for,Thanks
Mapaholic, 13.08.2013, 09:18
P.S there was a fantastic app called The Cartographer which did just this. It was able to show placemarks created in Google maps on an offline OSM and back sync new pins dropped on my iphone back to google maps. The only thing it didn't do was allow me to create offline maps from the comfort of my big screen. So if Galileo could implement this feature it really would be an excellent service.
aboue, 08.04.2014, 20:46
That would be such a progress! I am used to create points of interest on Google maps to prepare my trips abroad. But when I export them to Galileo Offline Maps, all the original icons are replaced by the first in the GOM icons list.

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