- Filter bookmarks by category

Categories are a great way to tag bookmarks, but what is missing is a way to filter bookmarks across folders matching a given category. In the end, it would be great to be able to filter by category on the map too, so that only places matching one or more categories are displayed on the map.

Author: latourfl, 27.03.2013, 16:47
Idea status: under consideration


tcuttitta, 08.08.2013, 14:04
I agree. One way to do this may be to allow users the ability to add "tags" to each Bookmark or Track, and then also allow users the ability to show Bookmarks and Tracks by TAGS (not just by folder).
latourfl, 08.08.2013, 14:37
Bookmarks can already be tagged using categories (the colored icons that appear on the map, which can be customized for each bookmark).

I would like to be able to select one of these icons and view all bookmarks having the same icon on the map, with bookmarks having other icons filtered out.

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